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Hoping that you all do well! Keep on going strong!
Hi everyone Just to pop in to wish you all of the best on your health and transformation journey! I tried to open a new challenge (in follow up to this one) but I kept on having problems with the c ...
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started by cinnamoneyes, 5 years ago.   
the LCHF challenge summit! wow!
:p Wow!!! We have come to almost the top of our Mountain, the LCHF Food revolution challenge! In 23 hours this journey will continue, although the current challenge will draw to a close. I am so t ...
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Dr Eendfeldt (our Swedish Diet Doctor) has great articles, dont't miss out :-)
Hi there dear LCHF Challenge partners! Is amazing how time has flown since we collectively began our challenge. I hope that you have been encouraged by this lifestyle - and that you are inspired e ...
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started by cinnamoneyes, 5 years ago.   
Hi there LCHF Food revolutionary TEAM MEMBERS - our WEIGH LOSS results thus far
I am so happy to note that you are doing great on this challenge. Thanks to each one of you for encouraging me as well to continue with determination and good results. Here is a summary of our col ...
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Dear LCHF Challenge partner Here is another good resource I found (as per above) quote: 12 [url= High-Fat Foods Perfect For Nutritional Ketosis[/url] In my two previous ...
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Hi there everyone Congratulations to each one following our challenge - we have been on this journey for a month! 1. COUNTING CALORIES? The main advantage of low carb diets is that they cause you to ...
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The LCHF way - is a permanent lifestyle | WEIGH LOSS
Dear LCHF Challenge Friends I am happy to notice that between ourselves we have lost a total of 28+kg since we began the challenge! For myself, the weigh loss has been slow, but I feel encouraged to ...
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13 Good resources for a low carb life style
Dear Challenge partner Well done on pressing in to complete the LCHF Challenge! Thus far we have been almost completed 7 weeks of our 12 week challenge! By now, the LCHF Lifestyle has become more ...
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started by cinnamoneyes, 5 years ago.   
GOING INTO KETOSIS - KEEP total daily intake at | 70-75% fat | 20-25% protein | 5-10% carbs |
Good day to all my LCHF partners. Keep on going strong! Here's some valuable information which every LCHF "revolutionary" should know :) I am quoting extractions from [url=http://ww ...
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What improvements are happening in YOU - since entering the LCHF Challenge?
It is a known and medically endorsed fact that a LCHF lifestyle catalyses a number of positive HEALTH transformations in people's lives. What prompted me to post this topic this morning, is that ...
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Encouraging tips: "when a weight-loss plateau is reached on the LCHF lifestyle"
[img] 1. Expect weight loss plateaus: Days or weeks where nothing seems to happen on the scale. Everybody gets them. Stay calm. Keep doing what you’re doing and eventually ...
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Our Journey has begun! Lets remember to KEEP IT SIMPLE AND UNCOMPLICATED
What are your meal plans for the day? Feel free and most welcome to share! I'm planning to have the following delicious but simple meals today: 1. At least 8 to 10 glasses of cold WATER during ...
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What is "Net Carbs"? | Interesting to know!
quote: Net Carbs On Atkins, counting carbs is key to the implementation of the plan. Carbohydrates are counted as "Net Carbs" which means that you figure out the amount of carbohydrates and ...
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started by cinnamoneyes, 5 years ago.   
Anyone have any good tips on uploading your photos? I'm getting an error while trying to upload my image. I went to my toolbox, clicked on my image and box A. "choose photo" was greyed ...
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Remedies for Bad Breath and Constipation (common ailments during adaptation phase on LCHF)
Its quite common to experience "bad breath" and/or "constipation" during the LCHF transition phase (approximately first 3 weeks). Here are some remedies that may be of assistance. ...
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started by cinnamoneyes, 5 years ago.