Mini-Challenge - See who can lose the most!!



Keep the calories around 1500 each day...exercise every day for 30 minutes or stressing!!

Overall result for everyone:

Week by Week Results

Week 4 73% Successful
Week 3 65% Successful
Week 2 64% Successful
Week 1 75% Successful

Latest Results Feedback

Successful: 28 Jul 12 by JoyJoyJoy65
"Have been doing really good at keeping around 1200 calories per day and ..."
Successful: 27 Jul 12 by sweetspirit96
"Crazy week - calories less than 1000, and I wasn't planning for it."
Successful: 23 Jul 12 by rigz
"bit late in the comp but finally getting my act together lol"
Successful: 17 Jul 12 by sereana26
"I kept the calories under 1500 for most days and I've been doing at least ..."
Failed: 16 Jul 12 by sitkamary
"Still working on that. Not giving up."
Successful: 07 Jul 12 by Bowchickawowow
"So far so good with the calories. I actually have one day a week for rest. ..."
Successful: 04 Jul 12 by MissQuinny
"I lost 4 poundsin one week"

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