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Sticky: Official Forum
Ok everyone, this is the official forum. I think it is less confusing if we come to one place to vent, or brag. Or just to chat. Good luck to everyone!:d
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Sticky: UGH...WEIGH IN's
So I know this challenge started on a Tuesday, but I was thinking that Saturday would be a good day for weigh in's. Plus the last day of the challenge is a Saturday. So see you on the scale in a few ...
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started by corinnas54, 6 years ago.   
june is next weekend!
so its only about a month to go and i've lost a few pounds :) im excited. i just started getting back to a routine since i was sick for a few days. knowing that i can lose weight just little by little ...
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started by jaren, 6 years ago.   
Im tired of saying I want to lose weight, Im going to so let's do this. My goal is to lose 20-25lb,I plan to exercise more write down my intake and I already drink alot water, and quit most definitely ...
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started by shantel33, 6 years ago.   
First challenge
This challenge will coincide w/ a biggest loser competition we are having at work that ends June 28. I am halfway to my goal of 275 for that competition.
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started by dhb58.   
First Time Everything!!
This is my first time posting and for joining a challenge. I'm currently at 322, and looking forward to this challenge.
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started by losingit61.   
July 1st Challenge
By joining this challenge I am looking for motivation to stay on track, and friendship and support from others struggling with their weight. I am going to challenge myself to lose 2 pounds a week!
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started by northern girl.   
Hey everyone, just wanted to welcome you all to the challenge. I'm Corinna, and I am hoping to lose about 15-20lbs by July. My Birthday is July 4th, and I wanna be at my goal weight by then. I hope ...
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First challenge
This will be my first challenge!
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It's Offcial.....
Venturing into other ways to stay motivated!
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started by Salsachica11, 6 years ago.   
I need this challenge, and I need to be held accountable for my poor eating habits. I am an emotional eater. I have gained close to 40 pounds a year because I was going through a divorce. Well I have not ...
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started by mickey169, 6 years ago.   
love love
love this idea - thanks for starting! I leave for a cruise on July 3 and want to be down 20 lbs. soooo excited !
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started by idealpromom, 6 years ago.