Mini-Challenge - Make healthy choices and stick to your diet.

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Stick to your diet and eat healthy food like fruits and vegetables.It is essential to get that bikini body.

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Week by Week Results

Week 12 50% Successful
Week 11 69% Successful
Week 10 72% Successful
Week 9 85% Successful
Week 8 75% Successful
Week 7 64% Successful
Week 6 65% Successful
Week 5 69% Successful
Week 4 58% Successful
Week 3 51% Successful
Week 2 64% Successful
Week 1 75% Successful

Latest Results Feedback

Successful: 20 May 10 by ShortCinnamon
"I stuck to my diet... but it's important to note that my diet has leeway ..."
Successful: 29 Mar 10 by skater_girl
"I find as time goes by and the numbers on the scale decrease, I am sti ..."
Failed: 24 Mar 10 by tjschwingler
"I have been eating out too much and have made it a goal to only go out ..."
Successful: 14 Mar 10 by cclark4
"I have not eaten meat since Feburary 16..fruit and vegtables"
Successful: 11 Mar 10 by Linsey
"For the most part- I've been eating too much salt."
Failed: 11 Mar 10 by Halleberrynumbr2
"I have failed for a week! The temptations of food and drinks when friends ..."
Failed: 09 Mar 10 by nrepin
"fell of vegan for one dinner"
Failed: 09 Mar 10 by Nannaluvsu
"really been messing up this last week. I have to get back on track!!!! "
Failed: 08 Mar 10 by kieran i
"I get overwhelmed when our social schedule takes up tons of times. I grab ..."
Failed: 08 Mar 10 by melanieb2304
"I didn't make healthy choices all of the time but most of the time. And ..."
Failed: 08 Mar 10 by sngglebnny
"I was broke and eating bad foods in terrible portions because thats all ..."
Successful: 08 Mar 10 by keiwe
"Added veggies twice a day"

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