Mini-Challenge - Record everything you eat BEFORE you eat it.

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Write down everything before you eat it.This way it's easier to make better food choices.

Overall result for all teams:

Week by Week Results

Week 12 30% Successful
Week 11 53% Successful
Week 10 54% Successful
Week 9 42% Successful
Week 8 25% Successful
Week 7 28% Successful
Week 6 34% Successful
Week 5 45% Successful
Week 4 36% Successful
Week 3 41% Successful
Week 2 52% Successful
Week 1 62% Successful

Latest Results Feedback

Failed: 12 Apr 10 by JenFussell
"I write down everything after i eat it."
Failed: 31 Mar 10 by Rie70
"I am so busy I have to work on this one."
Failed: 19 Mar 10 by Mary36
"Found out I was pregnant, so won't be dieting now."
Failed: 19 Mar 10 by tinknpink1369
"When I binge and eat something bad, I don't record it. I derail for the ..."
Failed: 18 Mar 10 by aubriannasmommy
"I try to do this! and I always eat more : ( I will start doing that now ..."
Failed: 09 Mar 10 by gaby86
"i had drama"
Failed: 08 Mar 10 by Alexxi
"sometimes, but not always"
Failed: 08 Mar 10 by kieran i
"I did this about 75% of the time...and it totally helps, but it is imp ..."
Failed: 08 Mar 10 by melanieb2304
"I'm working on it. This week I will be better at it!"
Failed: 08 Mar 10 by sngglebnny
"This week was crazy for me."
Failed: 08 Mar 10 by keiwe
"did well four of of the seven days"
Failed: 08 Mar 10 by deancy126
"working on it. breakfat is now a sure thing "
Successful: 03 Mar 10 by nikm0629
"Love this part, it's really helping me with portion control."
Successful: 03 Mar 10 by Jamienkori
"Went very well. "

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