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Veggie Dip
Does anyone know of a good low calorie veggie dip. I typically dip celery in a little bit of peanut butter or sometimes ranch dip, but I would like to try something new. Any suggestions?
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Okay this has been a really bad week for me. Last week I did so well. I ate good and worked out and tracked everything. This week I haven't been as good. I haven't eaten as healthy as I was and ...
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I have been very bad this week!! Addicted to roasted peanuts, trying The Atkins diet!!
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How was your week?
It's been a week since this challenge started and i wanted to know how did your week go? Did you have to struggle at some points or was it easy and successful? I have to admid that it wasn't so ...
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Where To Post Your Results
Hi everyone. I went around in circles trying to figure out where I was supposed to post my results, so I posted them here. Actually, what you need to do is click on the challenge and on the right hand ...
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waiste 44.5; arms 13.25; hips 56.25; thighs 20.5 I took my measurments on day one but I cannot figure out where they are supposed to go so I am putting it out as a post.
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started by Ursmack, 8 years ago.   
Stomach(belly button)-35inches, waist-32in, Hip(bone)-36in, Hips(Butt) 42.5inch, upper Right thigh 25in, lower Right thigh 18.5in, calf 16 in, Right ankle 10in, Left arm 12.5 inch. Weight 164. Goal 130.
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started by girloffaith, 8 years ago.   
doing something good
hello there, i thought of doing something good and came to an idea. when i weight in at the end of this week, i'm going to donate the amount of money i lose in pounds. sorry if my explanation sucks, ...
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Day 1
185.6lb Arms 13" Waist 40" Hips 46" Thighs 28"
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started by sngglebnny, 8 years ago.   
Day 1!
I am so excited for this challenge!! :D Day 1 measurements: Arms: 12.25 Waist: 29.5 Hips: 40 Thigh: 23 Weight: 166 Goal: 130
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challenge goals =)
i'm going to lose 22 lbs or less(depends on how good i feel and look :) ) during this challenge, i'm going to feel great,happy and confident in my body and maybe just maybe i want to shock some ...
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started by ilovemyself, 8 years ago.   
Ready for the challenge
Arm - 12.5 waist - 33.5 hips - 35 thigh - 21 current weight - 153.8 lbs Goal weight - 130 lbs
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Ready for the challenge!
Current Weight: 174 Goal Weight: 160 Waist: 36 Hips: 40 Thighs: 24 Chest: 39 Arms: 14 Current dress size: 10 Goal dress size: 6 - 8
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started by BeachBabe21, 8 years ago.   
Have to keep it up!!!
Hello to everyone, I am new to this but am trying to start a new lifestyle. Here I go good luck to everyone ... 160lbs. 37' waist 41' hips. Hope to loose at least 30lbs in three months. Lets get ...
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started by Bori21, 8 years ago.   
Here are the measurements, good or bad....
Well I figure I will be more accountable to myself others if I put my measurements etc... out there in writing, so here goes. Wt. 148 R wrist 6.25 L wrist 6 R ankle 8.5 L ankle 8.75 (was previously ...
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started by Mickyph.