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I was leaving work today and the girl walking 30 feet behind me found it necessary to say 'Hey Leah, you're getting fat.' I probably top five biggest bummers I've heard while trying to ...
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Weighing Yourself
I will only weigh myself once a week. If I do it everyday I will go crazy if I do not see results that day and it will become an issue and I will end up giving up. If I wait a week there is a more c ...
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Weekend is over..lets start our week off right!
Monday will be here very soon! Let's get moving, be positive and eat healthier! Don't forget to add more water in each day...if you cant drink half ur weight in oz of water..just be sure to keep ...
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No candy
:) I have done well so far with candy. I have not had one piece. I have never really been a sweets person only around my period. I did get sick yesterday and I have a cold. I played tennis and am feeling ...
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Hello everyone!
My name is Heather. I am looking to lose weight with a bunch of people as motivation. Most of the mini challenges will not be that difficult for me since I tend to stay away from it already. Looking ...
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