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Announcement: Are You Ready to Win? The Challenge is on and Weekly E-Mail Help.
The day has finally come for all of us to band together to master our holiday weight. My wife (see picture) ask me this question yesterday evening as we watched a middle school basketball game, "Did ...
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started by greg4God, 7 years ago.   
I have posted a motivational Thanksgiving message for you on the Weight Loss Fast Program website. Copy or Click the Link below to See it Now: http://www.weightlossfastprogr... I am thankful for you ...
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Here is Our Christmas Card to You
Outstanding, Excellent, and Great Job on losing over 540 pounds as a group! We have just a few days left, and I am sad to see it end. I hope we can do more challenges together in 2011. Check out the ...
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started by greg4God, 7 years ago.   
You Are Doing Great!
I see some good comments about progress here on the challenge. I wish I could tell you all congratulations individually, but I will say it here, "Congratulations!". If you are not seeing the ...
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My Wife Made Me - It is her Fault - Don't Miss This
The best information I have ever given in a podcast is now available. The podcast was not posted last night as promised. Please forgive me. I am blaming my wife, because she kept me out to late Chri ...
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More - Unstoppable Fitness for You!
If you want to get the e-mail (basically the script I created that goes along with the podcast) that includes the Unstoppable Fitness for You material in a Word document, go to www.weightlossfastprogr ...
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started by greg4God, 7 years ago.   
Unstoppable Fitness for You - This is Great
The latest podcast is Unstoppable Fitness for You. You will learn how to be unstoppable in achieving your fitness and life goals. Please subscribe and listen on Itunes. It should be available before ...
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started by greg4God, 7 years ago.   
Great Job Everyone!
I had a few minutes to look over the challenge, and I am happy and thankful you are staying with it. I have had some challenges the last few days, and I have not had time to check in. -Interesting Q ...
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Who's Still Motivated?
It has been a busy week for me, and I am still motivated. It helps when I know so many of you are keeping up with our results. I have seen more forum comments and I hope you all consider getting inv ...
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Happy Thanksgiving everyone. You are doing great. Keep it up. What are your plans to keep the pounds off tomorrow and through the weekend? (Post your answers below) We are going to meet some friends ...
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I was the cook and Thanksgiving is one of my weakness. I love food and I love to eat and cook. I am getting back on track this week and from this point on. Pray for me as I pray for the rest of you who ...
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started by Josiewilliams.   
Buddy Requests - What is a good January 2011 Challenge?
I am sending out buddy requests to all of the members of the challenge, but it may be a few days before I get through 310 of us. I hope you will add me, because I want to stay in touch about upcoming ...
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started by greg4God, 7 years ago.   
Weigh in by Tomorrow Evening and More...
Week 1 is coming to and end and we probably all know how we are doing now. I appreciate everyone staying with it. Remember to weigh in and post your progress by tomorrow afternoon. Even if you did not ...
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started by greg4God, 7 years ago.   
Podcast Tonight - Call for Comments and Questions - Listeners
Great Job Everyone. We have one of the largest challenges on FatSecret and we have lost over 100 pounds as a team. You all are doing great. Tonight's podcast will be available in less than two hours ...
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started by greg4God, 7 years ago.   
Please weigh in so we can keep track of how we are doing and have some frienldy competition. Here is the weigh in format: FatSecret ID / Current Weight / Goal Weight (optional) How are you going to ...
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started by greg4God.