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Hula with a hoop, on the wii, or by following a video, at least 20 minutes every day. Take measurements every Sunday.

Final Challenge Progress Results

LAhdeeDah Total Progress: 2.11 %  (Down 3.0 lb)
losin'it Total Progress: 1.98 %  (Down 4.0 lb)
weimgirl Total Progress: 1.92 %  (Down 3.0 lb)
andeblois Total Progress: 1.51 %  (Down 2.0 lb)
shae802 Total Progress: 1.34 %  (Down 3.4 lb)
Goinloseit Total Progress: 1.26 %  (Down 2.4 lb)
Nkelso Total Progress: 1.07 %  (Down 1.2 lb)
dikali Total Progress: 0.91 %  (Down 1.4 lb)
smarincin Total Progress: 0.76 %  (Down 1.5 lb)
goddessiris811 Total Progress: 0.73 %  (Down 1.4 lb)
RaeLivinLife Total Progress: 0.00 %  (Steady 0 lb)
mlaree Total Progress: 0.00 %  (Steady 0 lb)
Minimizeme Total Progress: 0.00 %  (Steady 0 lb)
slimnfit Total Progress: 0.83 %  (Up 1.6 lb)
samiholloway Total Progress: 2.04 %  (Up 3.0 lb)

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almost done...
Dear hula hoopers, I have found that hula hoop is fun, but it gets boring if you do the same thing every day for 7 days a week. So if you would like to keep doing something fun everyday, i made this new ...
by puhpine on 23 Oct 11 05:25 AM
1/4 inch down on the waist. Thighs are the same. Figures, I've always had flabby thighs...sigh
by Minimizeme on 12 Oct 11 02:50 PM
Does it matter how big the hoop is?
i did hula on the wii the last few days, but now i bought a real hoop. I can't wait untill i can try it out tomorrow, i used to be a star when i was 9 (*lol*) Maud.
by puhpine on 30 Sep 11 11:09 AM
Make time to hula. It does make you move! It's like being a kid again, we're not exercising! We're playing!
by Minimizeme on 28 Sep 11 12:35 PM
Thid is fun.
I forgot how much fun this is. I need to practice, I can only get better.
by mlaree on 27 Sep 11 07:56 PM

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This challenge ended on Monday 24 October 2011.

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status: Completed
ended: 23 Oct 11
duration: 4 Weeks
reporting: Once a Week
participants: 33
privacy: Public
administrators: Minimizeme
created: 20 September 2011

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Week 4:

All Participants 0.33 %  (Down 18.7 lb)

Week 3:

All Participants 0.26 %  (Down 15.1 lb)

Week 2:

All Participants 0.26 %  (Down 14.7 lb)

Week 1:

All Participants 0.13 %  (Down 7.4 lb)

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