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Confess, quit bad habits and get ready for Mardi Gras,St Valentine, St Patrick, Easter.


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1. Need buddies who gained weight during holidays.

Guidelines: Be honest and post your actual weight. We will support one another and lose for good and for ever the haunting weight gain.
weeks 1 to 12

2. Measure once a month.

Guidelines: I know that we hate and love scales but measuring tapes are our best friends. These numbers will be our guides.
weeks 1 to 12

3. NSV

Guidelines: Describe feelings, experience, attitude, wearing old clothes or daring to try smaller size, during this challenge.
weeks 1 to 12

4. Log the smallest bite.

Guidelines: Even if you look at a candy (lol). Log every bite the moment you eat it, every sip before you drink it. Record everything will save us.
weeks 1 to 12

5. Walk.

Guidelines: Walk every day 30 - 90 minutes. I 'll accept twenty minutes for beginners or overweight friends.
weeks 1 to 12

6. Water and workout

Guidelines: Workout three days a week. Drink water. I know it is difficult in winter.
weeks 1 to 12

7. Love yourself

Guidelines: Your kids, your pets, your better half believe that you are awesome and beautiful. Time to believe it yourself.
weeks 1 to 12

8. The diet!

Guidelines: What ever works for you just follow it. Until the day you reach your goal. This time we will succeed. Thank you all and good luck!
weeks 1 to 12

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status: Starting in 3 days
starting: Monday 22 Jan 18
ending: Monday 16 Apr 18 (last day)
duration: 12 Weeks
reporting: Once a Week
participants: 39
privacy: Public
administrators: amandakane1
created: 05 January 2018