Challenge Forum: Old me vs New me.. deep thinking with minimal sleep.. beware

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Posted: 21 Jun 2013, 08:53
I got an email this morning from one of the fitness sites that I subscribe to about not letting the slip ups derail all your efforts. How each day is a new day. The new you doesn't beat yourself down that was the old you. *snort* yeah.. each day is a new day and when I fall off the wagon the days become cake day, ice cream day, bag of doritos on the side of the road before I get home and the family sees them day... So I got to thinking. The old me, the new me, the current me.. I can pep talk the crap out of myself and I still slipup and it still takes some defining moment to get back on track. Polishing off an entire pint of ben and jerry's is not a defining low.

How does the old me and the new me differ? The old me just didn't like how she looked at 195. The new me? She felt sick, bloated, and gross at 160. The old me? She loved 160. The new me loved 150. The old me would say screw the top button if pants didn't fit. The new me makes that top button fit. If it doesn't feel good then I better lose the weight. The new me loves feeling fit, has goals to get down to 130, wants to push herself further and see what else she can do. The old me? She wanted to weigh 150, made excuses, and tried to convince herself she was happy and would never be twiggy.

It makes me realize I am becoming a different person. I still have the fat chick in me that wants to sit down with a bowl of cookie dough and can polish off a pint of ice cream in one night. The new me won't let me do it every night.

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Posted: 21 Jun 2013, 10:30
You've lost over 30 lbs, so you should be proud of yourself! You are becoming a new you. Hang on to those goals and how you feel now and how you want to feel after 30 more pounds lost. You can do it!!
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Posted: 22 Jun 2013, 17:56
I love your deep thoughts! You're evolving; that inner fat chick will become a faint voice, like the inner child that thought swinging really high & jumping out onto the blacktop surface was a good idea. The new you will realize that it's not a good idea, even if it (the Doritos or whatever) sounds good at the time. My evolution still startles me; I pass by free samples of crap I used to love that now make me feel queasy. A pizza feed birthday party no longer excites me; I eat something healthy before, say I'd already eaten, nibble on some salad or fruit if there is any, gush over how yummy the cake looks but saying I really don't have room for any. I love dry roasted chickpeas when I want a salty crunchy snack, or kale chips...low fat ice cream like a Skinny Cow chocolate truffle bar if I really want some sweet & creamy treat. Foods that I love now my inner fat chick would have been grossed out by; now she just says "whatever". Find your happy, Twiggy! You are awesome; believe it!
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Posted: 24 Jun 2013, 15:10
I think everyone in this thread has done an amazing job with their weight loss journey! Loosing weight and keeping it off is a full time job, so everyone gets a round of applause. Very Happy

I would say the old me ate whatever she wanted and thought the weight would come off sooner or later... the new me plans out meals and cares what goes into her body. Do I over eat? Oh hell yes, but I understand what it does to my body and I understand that I will have to push myself extra hard in the exercise department if I want my weight to go down. Saw this picture and it is kind of relevant:

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