Mini-Challenge - Do not eat chips, pretzels, candy, chocolate etc.



Do not eat any of these empty carb foods. Replace them with almonds, fruits, vegetables, crackers etc.

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Week by Week Results

Week 3 56% Successful
Week 2 47% Successful
Week 1 50% Successful

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Failed: 10 Feb 13 by Nikki22
"chocolate in the fiber bars that I have been eating. "
Successful: 04 Feb 13 by mmpearce
"except friday and saturday dessert as planned...and some bad cheating"
Failed: 31 Jan 13 by susiec88
"I have had my sister and niece live with me. Temptation was too high!"
Failed: 25 Jan 13 by AbiNASCAR
"I had my wisdom teeth pulled out, and one of the things my dentist said ..."
Successful: 24 Jan 13 by Julier1
"Love almonds now :)"
Failed: 23 Jan 13 by emma9601
"damn chocolate"
Failed: 23 Jan 13 by Cinnie52
"I thought the challenge was this Sunday coming up. So I will change things ..."

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