Challenge Forum: Love Dare # 1 to #4

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Posted: 01 Feb 2013, 20:49
How has everyone been doing on their love dare challenges? Is anyone having trouble completing them? I know the first few days I wasn't as focused on the reading as much. I finally told myself to get serious about it and really meditate on the words and scriptures. I believe I am getting so much more out of it now. I took time yesterday and went over the first three challenges slowly and thought about the questions asked. Before it felt like I was just zooming through the words just to get to that day's dare. Now I spend time reading and meditating on it. It is starting to open my eyes to things I haven't really thought about. Looking forward to all the dares!

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Posted: 02 Feb 2013, 12:56
S o far easy cheesy! I do all those things anyway. Most people would never know how I feel including y hubby by the outward, it is the internal displeasure I am having and I want to fix it now before it become external.