Mini-Challenge - Start or stick to your exercise routine.



Continue your workouts despite the holiday rushes.

Overall result for everyone:

Week by Week Results

Week 9 55% Successful
Week 8 66% Successful
Week 7 71% Successful
Week 6 73% Successful
Week 5 69% Successful
Week 4 67% Successful
Week 3 76% Successful
Week 2 83% Successful
Week 1 73% Successful

Latest Results Feedback

Successful: 30 Dec 10 by Beth7Cam
"Harder to do with the stress of the holiday week, but doing my besdt"
Successful: 27 Dec 10 by TheBake
"Surprisingly enough."
Failed: 25 Dec 10 by fat and fit
"out of routine "
Failed: 22 Dec 10 by jmart90
"recovering from ectopic pregnancy surgery "
Successful: 09 Dec 10 by Cindy Thompson
"New exercise program started. Baby steps."
Failed: 02 Dec 10 by amamccann
"too busy with work and the weather has been way to cold and snowy."
Failed: 29 Nov 10 by Juanuchis
"Got the flu."
Failed: 22 Nov 10 by marciabar
"Having great amount of pain in feet, then will get back to exercising"
Successful: 16 Nov 10 by roo_lane
"changed my routine from long slow runs to high intensity but shorter t ..."
Failed: 11 Nov 10 by skinnymini85
"I've been sick, not that that's an excuse :("
Failed: 01 Nov 10 by paisley1015
"been so busy no exercise."
Failed: 29 Oct 10 by bigmamajojo
"I have yet to start an "exercise" routine..."

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