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Announcement: EVERYONE is doing so well!! What problems are we runnning across?
WOW! Let me say, everyone is doing soooo well! I just wanted to see if we were running across any problems! I just answered a questions for Laughing Lady, and was loving that she is doing soo amazing ...
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Did It!
Drank 2 glasses this am - Increasing my water intake is definitely helping ward off the dreaded constipation! I am also trying to eat more veggies and the fiber helps also!
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A Big Thank You~~
I really enjoyed this challenge and it made a huge difference in the way I view my water consumption..I really feel I made progress with learning about my body and how much water it needs..Thanks for ...
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started by laughinglady, 8 years ago.   
Questions anyone??!
Hi everyone! This may not be the easiest challenge for everyone, and especially if you are hoping to do it for more than just 4 weeks. I would LOVE to answer any questions that are popping up, or offer ...
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Query for appropriateness to South Beach
Hi, I'm doing South Beach. I noticed that several South Beach people are in this challenge. I have not read the book. I wanted to know whether anyone who has read both this book and the South ...
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AM Water - I did it!
I drank 16 ounces of water before 7:00 am! Woo hoo!
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Digestion Book
I have the book. You do not need it for the challenge, but I definitely recommend reading it, if you are trying to heal your digestive system. I'm still reading it but LOVE LOVE LOVE all the tips and ...
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Poop Log??
Hey everyone!!! We all joined this challenge for our Digestive system.. RIGHT??!? Well, I think it would be a great advantage to yourself personally if you keep a "Poop Log". Log how often and ...
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Headaches anyone!
I'm wondering if the increased water could be allowing detox or maybe it's the reduced sugar in my diet.
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Getting started! What in the world do I do???
First.. CONGRATULATIONS on joining such a challenging challenge!! These are your first steps to healthy eating and acknowledging that your intestines are a MAJOR key to your over all health! If you ...
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started by crystal0782.