Challenge Forum: Why should I bother defining a dream?

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Posted: 22 Jan 2013, 09:19
Indeed, is loosing extra pounds/kilos not enough? Isn't it a major goal already?

Well, not, it is a short-term goal and as any short-term goal it obviously does not last long. In a year or even earlier you’ll be coming back to this web-site in pursuit of fighting your excessive weight again.

In order to fix that, you must stop being caught in the loop of continuously curing the symptoms, when you should be focusing on the major cause.

And the cause is a wrong life-style resulted from stress, to be precise, your response to it. Being stressed is facing the reality which differs from your expectations. For instance, a person gets stressed out when his or her boss does not appreciate an extra-effort and always looks for mistakes. It’s obvious that one would expect appraisal for going an extra-mile but in reality it’s not always the case. In this particular example, one would either try harder to impress the boss for whom perfect will never be good enough or stop making extra-effort that won’t be appreciated anyway. At the end, one either over-exhausts him-/herself or suppresses the creative energy. Both outcomes lead to stress: our inner protest against unfair or undesired reality and realization of our lack of control over it.

There are different stress-coping techniques we have developed ourselves and by mimicking those of our relative and peers. Some people become aggressive and others start abusing different chemical substances. Compulsive eating is just another passive stress-lowering tool. The word passive is important here. You surrender and become a victim of a situation and you condemn yourself by giving up on your body and, as a consequence, on your health. Even if you didn't go to the extreme and are not sitting at home as a couch potato, it is because you still run on the inertia from your past actions (achievements). But if nothing is changed, in the long-run it’s a sure path to getting one of the chronic illnesses that are caused by obesity.

Of course, you can’t avoid stress because throughout your life people will not always act the way you want, weather will not always match your preferences, etc.

What could be done, however, is changing the response to it and using it at your own advantage. How? Well, why not to perceive stressful situations as a motivation to change yourself in order to avoid similar mistakes in the future. Whether you caused a car accident or not, this should be a motivation for you to be more careful or to stop using your cell phone while driving. If it’s your boss, fix it by either applying for a new job (you shouldn’t really quit immediately, just start looking for a new one) or becoming an entrepreneur. Bottom line: stop making it someone else’s fault. But in case it is your fault, stop damning yourself either: you are human – a fallible being and it’s normal to do mistakes. Anyhow, use stress as a push for action.

And if sometimes it is still hard to control how your feel about the situation, why not to start thinking about something else, in other words, get yourself busy. Scientific researches show that people can rarely think of more than one thing at the same time. And a dream, mainly the way to it, will keep your mind busy.

Having a dream and pursuing it will:
- bring sense to your life
- keep you away from negative thinking
- motivate you for acting
- make healthy body a requirement for getting enough energy

According to the World Health Organization, health is “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity". Therefore, healthy life-style not only involves a diet and exercising, but also mental development.

To become successful you should consider the following actions:

1. Admit, your current life-style su**s!
2. Overeating, as one of the stress-coping techniques, su**s, too (because it harms your good-looking and good-feeling).
3. Define your dream – going there will be your hobby
4. Learn as much as possible about how to get to your dream
5. Draft a clear plan of all steps it takes to get there and divide it into numerous smaller sub-tasks.
6. Do mental exercises, this will help you use additional capacity of your mind
7. Do physical exercises regularly. It will help you to have enough energy for all your undertakings and serve as a stress-relief.
8. Watch your calories (later, you won’t need to keep a precise record if you don’t like to)
9. If you are an introvert, meet with other people at least once a week on an informal occasion
10. If you are an extrovert, have a “you” time when you could do things on your own for what you seem never find time
11. Every day complete a little task that will bring you close to your dream coming true (e.g. additional reading, a phone call, a meeting, creative work, etc.)
12. Do good things onto others without expecting an appreciation – it will burst your morale
13. Stop being afraid of the number 13 – it’s your lucky year now Smile