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Sticky: Motivation note!
Hi gyus! Have you also noticed that successful people look healthy? Not, that all good looking people are automatically successful in their career or personal life (that's a separate challenge) ... ...
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Sticky: Weight in instructions
Guys, please, don't jump on the scales each time you're passing them! There're many factors out there which can influence your body mass. I don't want us getting upset or overexcited b ...
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Sticky: Motivation Clip
This will get you in the right "determination and hard work" mood! :) Check it out [url=
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I will do this
Hi everyone I have lost weight and put it back on before, I think I get in trouble in the evenings and snack ,so I will watch that I am going to give this Challenge a go, I am determent to see it trough, ...
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Why should I bother defining a dream?
Indeed, is loosing extra pounds/kilos not enough? Isn't it a major goal already? Well, not, it is a short-term goal and as any short-term goal it obviously does not last long. In a year or even ...
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