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Dont say goodbye to your favourite meals ! The goal is being used to eat only a half of it without feeling guilty


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8 mini-challenges have been created for this challenge:

1. Eat as slowly as possible

Guidelines: Chew your food and drink plenty of water
weeks 1 to 10

2. Never finish your plate

Guidelines: Leave half of your dish
weeks 1 to 10

3. Taste it in mini and micro portions

Guidelines: Cut even thiner and smaller slices
weeks 1 to 10

4. Set a goal in calories and grams of carbs

Guidelines: No forbidden food but stick to your goals and log your food
weeks 1 to 10

5. Record everything you eat

Guidelines: Keep a record of all the food you consumed.
weeks 1 to 10

6. Exercise Small Portions but intense

Guidelines: Do 5 minutes intense exercise every 3 hours
weeks 1 to 10

7. Eat Healthy

Guidelines: Small does not mean unhealthy. Try to avoid snacks and fast food.
weeks 1 to 10

8. Feel proud, not guilty

Guidelines: Get used to give back your plate half full
weeks 1 to 10

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I am excited to start!!
Hi, estiu2017! I love to join your challenge, in my case I do my own style diet (mostly plant based), combine with IF 16/8 and fasting during Monday and Thursday.. for mini-challenge "not finish ...
by jannahkha on 15 Jul 18 07:29 AM

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status: Starting in a day
starting: Monday 16 Jul 18
ending: Monday 24 Sep 18 (last day)
duration: 10 Weeks
reporting: Once a Week
participants: 12
privacy: Public
administrators: estiu2017
created: 09 July 2018

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