Mini-Challenge - Drink at least 64 oz of water a day



Make sure you drink 8 glasses of water a day

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Week by Week Results

Week 3 69% Successful
Week 2 73% Successful

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Successful: 16 Jul 12 by ShanMarie55
"Notice myself drinking more oz of water everyday"
Successful: 14 Jul 12 by ohsocuddly
"starting to really struggle with it now. weather cold so do not look f ..."
Successful: 13 Jul 12 by CoachKaz
"over 100 oz"
Failed: 12 Jul 12 by amberper83
"trying to get to the 64oz harder than it sounds"
Failed: 12 Jul 12 by hungry-mama
"I've been drinking water and only water, but not that much. "
Successful: 09 Jul 12 by Calvizo
"i have been doing great gave up some tea to do just water!!!! "
Failed: 07 Jul 12 by Lindsey423
"64oz is soooo much!! I'm getting about half that"
Successful: 03 Jul 12 by beanie55
"I have been doing ok with the water."

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