Mini-Challenge - Eat Healthy Foods



Ensure you don't eat any fast food or unhealthy snacks.

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Week by Week Results

Week 5 61% Successful
Week 4 65% Successful
Week 3 57% Successful
Week 2 65% Successful
Week 1 70% Successful

Latest Results Feedback

Failed: 04 Jun 12 by JStockwell
"lots of dark chocolate (in moderation but almost every day) 100% cocoa ..."
Failed: 29 May 12 by makhug
"To much junk food :/"
Failed: 29 May 12 by AyannasMom
"I can't help but eat fast food a few times a week. It's just so convenient ..."
Failed: 26 May 12 by democalypse
"Too many birthdays and baby showers this week :( "
Failed: 15 May 12 by wonderheidi
"Going through some health problems & depression... still not giving up."
Failed: 11 May 12 by trish_eve
"I had icecream the other day lol. but not again. i have 32 days to fit ..."
Failed: 10 May 12 by Estrella10911
"I been trying to eat healthy adding some vegetables with my dinner, but ..."
Successful: 10 May 12 by fatgirllittlecoat
"I have been taking peanut butter and celery to work to snack on and I have ..."
Successful: 10 May 12 by Tyny
"I don't anyway, so this part was a breeze :)"
Successful: 09 May 12 by RikuHearts
"Even skipped on the corn dog yesterday that I was going to have for lunch, ..."
Successful: 09 May 12 by Simmons 08
"I have not eaten any fastfood last week, nor this week."
Failed: 09 May 12 by bkaustin82
"I was tired from school and work and did not have time to cook :("
Successful: 07 May 12 by Edith Norris
"ive been eating salads and fruit ... i drink my 8 glasses of water a day ..."
Failed: 07 May 12 by respire8
"Umm got the crunches done but cardiac issues have stopped the walking ..."
Failed: 07 May 12 by cosabellaitaly
"I slacked a this week, missed a few days of abs :0( "
Failed: 07 May 12 by KLMertz
"had a bad weekend, but will be back on track today."
Failed: 06 May 12 by summerisdonna
"High level stress..."
Failed: 04 May 12 by chantheman123
"I ate pizza...jolly ranchers...brownies...i need to get better...i dd ..."
Successful: 01 May 12 by DessaLyn
"homemade banana bread is unhealthy, right? I mean it has bananas. :0)"

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