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How's everybody doing?? Seeing some good progress, I hope.. Let's hear about it!
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started by erika2633, 6 years ago.   
Abs challenge
I can't even do 1 sit - up at this point so this will be interesting :)
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started by luvmykids1993.   
Hey guys..Iv set up this challenge because i did it myself 10 weeks ago and have been absolutly delighted with the results!!..I did my crunches at night as it was when i felt most motivated but the mo ...
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started by keeks93.   
Love the Body by VI Shakes
2 shakes a day, 45 min. exercise/day (minimum), and keeping away from soft drinks, beer and fatty snacks pays off.:d Contact me if you are interested in the shakes.
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started by Lucsoucy, 6 years ago.   
Got a little excited
Did 10 up, 10 to the left and 10 to the right. Hopefully, they will come a LOT easier by the end of the week.
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started by KayFreely, 6 years ago.   
Start crunches today also. Figured I should just get going on it!
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started by DessaLyn.   
Good luck to everyone who's joined.
After giving birth to two children in which I put on 60 pounds with both, although I am in the gym 6 times a week doing cardio and weights I can't seem to lose the flab. I'm with everyone else ...
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started by LAbroadhurst.   
Am I too excited?
I started my crunches today, oops!
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started by Tlr872, 6 years ago.   
loose skin!
Hello everyone. First I would like to wish everyone luck with this challenge. For me I have lost some weight and now my abdomen looks like a very wrinkled mess. So my goal is to try and tighted my self ...
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started by pam-u-la.   
Great abs challenge
Ready to kick some ABS!:badgrin:
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started by Sandrawils.   
:d excited to start this challenge. It will be fun to check in on everyone and see how we are doing. We are a team now and we have NO weakest link! we can do this!!!
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started by ladyoffaith04.   
Hopefully This Is The One!
I am very excited about the new challenge! I am so ready to push myself, let's go! :)
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started by Life Change, 6 years ago.   
YAY! Tmrw her we come!!
I can't wait to see some HARD abs on MY body!!! YAY!! Lets kick some butt!!! :!:
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started by 1yummyhunny, 6 years ago.   
New to this app but so excited I really need this praying that I push through it
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started by Ko-ko, 6 years ago.   
I am so looking forward to this challenge will be the right motivation I need;)
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started by Clear Image, 6 years ago.