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Sticky: Challenge yourself even harder....make sure your output exceed your input by atleast 500. Eat small
:d. Do not starve yourself. Eat when hungry. Start off with a high protein breakfast, eat whole wheat carbohydrates and towards the evening minimize cab intake. Eat more cabs in the morning, 50/50 cab ...
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started by Freshbeginning, 6 years ago.   
I'm really struggling to get back on track, I start out the day real good, but when it comes to the evening is when I struggle
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started by Dollywitt, 6 years ago.   
perfect timing
just got back from vacation and gained too much :(:(:( one week should get me back into the swing of things; don't think I'll get back to the pre-vacation weight in one week though - unfortun ...
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started by christina56, 6 years ago.   
RE:Losing weight
I really need to do something about this extra 20kg in my body. This time I started with soup diet,quite determined to shed some kilos.
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started by VISHAR, 6 years ago.