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Posted: 20 Feb 2013, 18:34
Hello everyone! I'm new to this place. I found it through an app on my phone and decided to go for it. I want to lose weight for the summer. I know it's the same thing everyone else wants, but I really want to look nice in a 50's style swim suit! So when I reach my weight, this will be my reward. Another reason is that I'm moving in with my boyfriend of 4 years. He is a Marine and of course the base we are moving to is close to the ocean so this summer, I would like to go to the beach with him and look nice! I haven't been a couple years and I don't even go to the swimming pool because I don't think I think I look good. So this is for me and I want to do it! Hopefully this will help me out and keep me motivated now that I'm in a group! Very Happy

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Posted: 21 Feb 2013, 07:50
I haven't worn a bathing suit in I can't remember when, but I will be wearing a bikini this summer. My boyfriend used to like me fat, but he keeps talking about going out on the beach with me in a bikini.

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Posted: 22 Feb 2013, 12:31
My husband is the same way. He likes me the way I am. The problem is that I'm unhealthy. He has never seen me skinny. When we got married I was at 220. I want to lose truism weight for health reason. Not really worried about the way I look. I just want to be healthy.
Focus & Commitment
We are going to Challenge ourselves to remain FOCUSED and COMMITTED to our set goals! These are mine for 10 weeks:
1. Lose 2 LBS a week
2. Eat 20Net Carbs. daily
3. No more than 4 ser. of sweetener daily
4. Salt intake at 1800-2000mg daily
5. Exercise 3-5x a week for 30mins
6. Water intake 64-86oz daily
7. Cal. intake 1800-1900
8. MOMS !!!!!TIME OUT!!!!! 1hr daily