Mini-Challenge - Plan a small reward each week for achieving a mini goal. Write all 12 goals down for your use.



Try not to set the mini goals too high for yourself, but give yourself some challenge. All of the following all examples of mini goals to shoot for: 1.drink at least 8 cups water daily, more if you drink some caffeine 2. limit added sodium 3. be sure to get enough potassium and calcium 4. exercise with some kind of aerobic and weight bearing exercise 3 times a week minumum. If can't exercise due to an injury adjust the calories. 5. write a list of reasons why you want to lose weight. Read one a day. Keep this list where you can see it only. 6. do the taste test if want something that is loaded with fat, calories etc. Or do it once a week and plan it into calories. 6. make this exciting and fun for yourself, and 7. record food intake. This is mostly so you can reset your goals if needed. Try to eat your calories every day. Let's go. Work at this and let's get it done together!

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Week 11 100% Successful
Week 10 50% Successful
Week 9 100% Successful
Week 8 75% Successful
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Week 6 33% Successful
Week 5 100% Successful
Week 4 60% Successful
Week 3 25% Successful
Week 2 76% Successful
Week 1 90% Successful

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