Mini-Challenge - Excercise one hour per day.

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Make sure you excercise at least one hour per day. It could be a combo of half an hour at two different times of the day... It can be anything from yoga, walking to aerobics.

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Day by Day Results

Day 7 100% Successful
Day 6 66% Successful
Day 5 75% Successful
Day 4 80% Successful
Day 3 84% Successful
Day 2 94% Successful
Day 1 100% Successful

Latest Results Feedback

Successful: 05 Jul 09 by midnight8sunset
"kayaking a lot and a super weird sunburn, be sure to apply sunscreen e ..."
Failed: 04 Jul 09 by Shortcuts
"Forgot all about the challenge"
Successful: 03 Jul 09 by bridgetbrannon
"Finally seeing the scale move after going to an hour of exercise."
Failed: 02 Jul 09 by bly1963
"I had problems getting up early enough each day, but I did do gardening ..."
Successful: 02 Jul 09 by wintersmith
"Running and the gym in addition to core strength training."
Successful: 01 Jul 09 by BlackButterfly615
"With the television. "
Successful: 30 Jun 09 by klhorton
"2 miles run & walked"
Successful: 30 Jun 09 by Sandeep Agrawa
"yes i did"
Successful: 29 Jun 09 by jmunoz1972
"4 hours of golf today, 1 hour of volleyball yesterday. I will work on ..."