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in need of some encouragement!
I'm new here too, loving the website and all the diets, recipes and stuff. I'm hoping to lose at least 20lbs until my birthday on oct 29th, which is why I'm starting this challenge in part ...
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started by idmary.   
Please support me and all the best !
Hi all..I luv this challenge and 31st oct is my hoping to shed off my baby weight n start fresh..but need ur encouragement n support...
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Good Start
Off to a good start added more water to my diet and walk/running on a 6 at 3mph. Hopefully this will help me drop off my current weight.
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started by Lovely01, 6 years ago.   
Need someone to buddy up with
Hi, I cant do this on my own and if I have someone out there that is encouraging me along the way, it will help greatly. My husband is on his own journey to loosing weight as well, but guys are so dif ...
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Ready to get started
I am excited to get going. My cousin is getting married in November and it is going to be wonderful to be 20 lbs lighter. My start weight for the challenge is 220. I'm ready
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Thanks Everybody
I am so glad you are all on board with me. Went to my doctor today weight has not changed in 30 days I am going to get busy got to dump the plump.
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started by Gwen Miller, 6 years ago.   
Dump the Plump 25lbs. by October 31
Started the week off great! Five miles behind me and hopefully a productive day ahead of me. Good luck to everyone beginning this new challenge!
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Log weight before it starts
Everyone should log a weigh in the day before this starts so u got a good starting weight :) I've seen on other challenge they didn't and it had them at a gain. So just a friendly reminder :)
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I like this forum - It has the promise of peer success!
Just now returning to this forum and I certainly know... "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." [Everyone - Be Strong, FOCUS and Don't ...
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started by JUSTINFREAH3, 6 years ago.   
Never lost the last "ten" lbs.
So I'm also new here. Last year I lost 20 pounds and still wanted to lose 15 to 20 more. I never did, in fact I gained back about five...oops! I think having a challege and the app on my phone will ...
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started by electricgem, 6 years ago.   
Excited :)
Super excited to start this :) Do we weigh in every week? Like Monday.
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started by KaylaS23, 6 years ago.   
Get back on track
Ok ready to start this challenge gained weight almost all of the 40pds I lost soooo with that said I'm sick and tired of being fat and loseing myself going to find my way back.....:lol:
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started by mariasela, 6 years ago.