Challenge Forum: i m going to have to borrow a wii or buy one

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Posted: 17 Feb 2013, 10:12
Rolling Eyes but im going to try ...dont know what the wii is like
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Posted: 24 Feb 2013, 08:32
I already had a Wii when I bought the Wii Fit Plus bundle so it wasn't as big of an expense, but since I'm not a huge fan of, you know, exercise - it was worth it for me. I've tried workout videos and well, they last a day or two. Personally I just find doing the wii fit stuff more fun and hence am more likely to do it (although, I've been a bit out of routine, hence joining the challenge).

But yeah, if you can manage to borrow a wii, and maybe the wii fit disc/board I think it's worth seeing if it's a more enjoyable form of exercise.