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Posted: 22 Feb 2013, 10:00
It's time for me to take care of me and lose the extra pounds now! It's has been up and down for me. I want to be healthly, I want the energy and I want to eat the right foods. I want to lose 60 pounds total but starting with 20 will be the starting point for me.

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Posted: 24 Feb 2013, 06:21
Hello.... I have the same views... I'm 220 pounds at the moment, but I am determined to lose fat and change my life... best wishes to youSmile

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Posted: 25 Feb 2013, 06:42
Hi, I also need to lose 60 pounds, so I'm right there with you! I am tired of having no energy and of all the aches and pains of being overweight. We can do this!

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Posted: 25 Feb 2013, 08:09
spaghetti: I totally understand. I know my joints would greatly appreciate a little... okay, a lot of weight loss. Good luck everyone! Smile
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