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I have posted this one hour before the challenge closes because I do not know if I can post them after the challenge closes. If anyone checks in or updates a weigh in or challenge prior to closing just ...
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I am posting this one hour before the challenge ends.. not sure if the site will let me post after it if there is anyone that posts a weigh in or challenge before deadline..let me know and I ...
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Sticky: Homeward Bound: Cruise challenge: Travel Diary
Homeward Bound: Cruise challenge: Travel Diary: The challenge for this week is a little different. This is an introspective challenge. Please post your thoughts and idea's, what you have learned and ...
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Sticky: Homeward Bound: Cuisine Challenge: Happy & Healthy Holiday!
Homeward Bound: Cuisine Challenge:[ HAVE A HAPPY AND HEALTHY HOLIDAY! We’re heading for home port and the holiday season is about to start. A great way to handle the holidays is to take a dish you know ...
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SIGN UP for next Holiday cruise
This is the official sign up post for the next Holiday Cruise to Lose. We regret that we are only offering this cruise to current passenger's that want to continue throughout the holidays. We hope ...
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Hi there ! I just received a message from Luuved saying I wasn't continuing on in the Christmas Cruise ? I was planning on it, did something change ? :( I emailed Janelle twice to make sure I was ...
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All our recipes from Cruise to Lose
I put all the recipes from our Cruise to Lose together so you can copy and paste them into a word document if you want to keep any of them. I know I already copied and pasted them onto a file that I am ...
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Team Spirit Awards will be soon
Team Spirit Awards for points earned by teams will be posted soon. Maybe some surprises in this too! Wait for it...
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Week 5 : Team Spirit Mini-Challenge POINTS!
Week 5: Mini-challenge points that show team participation and achievement: Team Spirit Award Points! Its a close race between some of the teams! Let's do our best this week and see how your team ...
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Blue Water Wanderers
Calling all Blue Water Wanderers to the "Success Deck"! :) Welcome to our special part of the ship, where we can hang out, chat about our team successes and cheer each other on. Did you ...
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Red Sunset Sailors
Red Sunset Sailors This is our spot on the deck to watch the sun set, talk about our day, size up our competition and discuss our plan of attack!:badgrin: What's a cruise without a friendly little ...
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Welcome Sunshine Seeker's! This is just a friendly place that anyone can peek into and/or post to. Even some of those other passenger's we see wandering around the decks!! THis is a place where ...
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ENJOY ! We did and it was a lovely memory !
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Green Island Hoppers
Hi fellow Greenies...please use this post to encourage and help our fellow team members...and feel free to email me if you need anything... our goal is to have the biggest waves from our dedication and ...
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[img]http://i274.photobucket.c... The Talent show and Italian cuisine week is over and this is where the teams stand!! Great job by everyone!! Isn't it just amazing how well we are all doing! ** ...
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