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Posted: 15 Oct 2010, 13:42
Hi everyone,

This is just what I needed to help me reach my goal. I just started a new fitness/nutrition journal today that will take me to the new year.

A journal might help you too. I am a Weight Watchers member so I have a journal that has my exercise on the left hand page and my nutrition on the right.

The ultimate key to success is TRACKING! If you don't track then you can't see your progress. I am a very active person and typically workout 7 times a week but helpful things to track are

1. All fitness
2. Workout reps and weights, etc
2. Nutrition (calories, fat, fiber, protein, etc)
3. Measurements
4. Weight
5. Goals

I hope this helps. I'm looking forward to making the last push to the new year. Feel free to ask me any questions you like.