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Announcement: Next two weeks
Hello all! I started a new challenge - Count Your Calories II for the next two weeks period. It is starting the next Saturday and ending just before the holidays - on the 22th. Everybody is welcome ...
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started by huffmann.   
I am starting today. I will set my calorie intake to 1500 and I will report here daily.
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started by huffmann.   
Need help again!!
When you look at calories for the day are you supposed to be writing your total calories or your net calories which includes exercise for the day?
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started by bizzybee38, 5 years ago.   
I need help fatsecret friends
I have given myself a 1200 calorie a day goal, but I also burn about 350 calories through exercise; Monday-yoga, Tuesday-yoga, Wednesday- elliptical machine, Thursday-elliptical machine or yoga, Saturday- ...
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started by bizzybee38.   
My challenge
Hei, My challenge is 40% of my RDI which is 1900 /day. Yesterday I had 38%, to day is 38%. For now is going well........! Yeahhhhhh!!!!!!
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started by Calories50.   
kick off the lb.
goal for the day is to stay under the 2000 cal mark.
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started by Eweasa1.   
My challenge is 1300 net calories
I hope to count my calories consumed as well as any calories burned working out. My goal is to work out everyday and burn 450 to 500 calories and then up my intake for the day to 1750 - 1800. This way ...
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started by jm1111.   
Count calories a new begining
I started my life change back in September 10th 2012. I weighted in at 202.5 pounds. This is not my heaviest but I pray it will never get back to this point again. In the month of september I ran 50 m ...
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started by Jules Lynn Spang-Drisk.   
calorie count down
I'm setting my goal @1150 calories a day.....I graze often rather than eat a big meal, so I often consume a lot of empty calories daily..soo I'm here to change that.
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started by erika4089, 5 years ago.   
First Public Challenge
This is my first time to join such a challenge... I really hope it works for me. I am 51, and I never in my life before gone over 55 kilos... Now I am 60.5, and that is down from 66!!! Will report daily, ...
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started by ZeNa44.   
Reporting In..
Yesterday 1370 cals. Today 1290. Tomorrow making it 3 days in a row. :) on a roll
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started by Ms LadyBird.   
Hey all, Since I just saw this challenge I guiss I`ll start my plan form tommorow .;) I will go for 1500 cal. & I hope I can keep it that way. :d Best of Luck
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started by Tas_AN.   
Ready for tomorrow
Okay, I only recently started my weightloss journey. I really like the idea of "cheat" days, but lately every second day is a cheat day. So my commitment 1400 calories per day.
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started by adele.petzer.   
Calorie Count
Hi guys I started on the 31st of October weight than 104.5kg today 98.9. :)
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started by SeeKatZA.   
Leona 1400 calories and exercise commitment
So I am committed to not exceeding 1400 calories except for one cheat day that I will allow myself 1800-2000 calories. Also, I intend to workout for about 40 minutes to 1 hour at least 4 days a week.
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started by ponahead.