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Have you found you can't eat as many eggs as you used to? Find out if you are sensitive to egg whites but can eat egg yolks.

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maxjensen.mj Total Progress: 1.52 %  (Down 1.8 lb)
eKatherine Total Progress: 0.85 %  (Down 1.2 lb)

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Week 1

Week 1 shopping list

Pretty simple. Buy 2-1/2 dozen eggs, preferably before the challenge starts, but on Day 1 at the latest.
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Weeks 1 to 2

Try new ways of preparing egg yolks

Look in the forum for the recipe thread to help you find different ways to consume your daily egg yolks during this challenge. Find one you like and stick with it or try them all.
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Week 2

Week 2 shopping list

Buy 4 dozen eggs. If you made it this far, you will need to challenge yourself for another week to verify you do not react to the yolks.
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The protocol: how to do this
You must either have eggs in the house or buy them the day the challenge starts. Day 1: Eat one egg yolks. Day 2: Eat two egg yolks. Day 3: Eat three egg yolks. Day 4: Eat four egg yolks. Day 5: Eat ...
by eKatherine on 05 May 13 11:08 AM
Uses for leftover egg whites
For family members who are not sensitive to egg whites... Leftover hard-boiled egg whites: Chop, mix with mayonnaise, salt, pepper, mustard, red pepper sauce to taste, to make an egg white salad for ...
by eKatherine on 05 May 13 11:02 AM
Recipes for egg yolks
All egg yolks will require you to separate the yolks from the whites in order to use them. Sunny-side up: Put a pat of butter in a small frying pan. Put the heat on low. Slide in the egg yolks. Heat ...
by eKatherine on 05 May 13 10:56 AM
My story
For many years I was buying eggs in bulk and eating 3 in the morning for breakfast. At home I would often scramble them (with 1 tablespoon of milk or water per egg) or make them into an omelet. When ...
by eKatherine on 05 May 13 10:43 AM
Who is this challenge for?
This challenge is for people who must restrict their egg consumption because of a non-life-threatening reaction they get when they eat them. If you can eat a few eggs today, but will regret it tomorrow ...
by eKatherine on 05 May 13 10:33 AM

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This challenge ended on Tuesday 28 May 2013.

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1. Week 1 shopping list ( week 1 )
2. Try new ways of preparing egg yolks ( weeks 1 to 2 )
3. Week 2 shopping list ( week 2 )

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All Participants 1.15 %  (Down 3.0 lb)

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All Participants 0.47 %  (Down 1.2 lb)

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