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Actually had a dream about drinking Mountain Dew
..and the odd part is I kept thinking "Why am I drinking this?!?" Strange because I haven't had a real hard time giving up the soda.. o well
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started by BevoBill, 5 years ago.   
my challenge
I've always drank diet soda. This challenge has been awesome. Not only have I noticed that I don't feel so bloated from the carbonation in the soda but I've also noticed a huge difference ...
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started by balbrecht007, 5 years ago.   
Propel zero energy packets
I add this to my water, no carbs, no calories, tastes great but not over-powering in taste. Done with soda!
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started by totaltubs, 5 years ago.   
Goodbye, Sodas!
I've already been doing this for a couple of days now. My go-to substitute is Unsweet Tea, sweetened with Stevia. Trying to implement more water.
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started by Rowltyd, 5 years ago.   
been giving soda up for lent 2 years in a row..
Now I want to kick soda for good.. Often drank 4+ cans a day
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started by BevoBill.   
Lily’s Health Pad: How I Beat My Caffeine Addiction
It can be done! ;) [url=http://www.lilyshealthpad... I Beat My Caffeine Addiction[/url]
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started by robynrork, 5 years ago.   
Are we ready?
Good luck to everyone! We can kick soda together! :) Challenge begins tomorrow....
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started by robynrork.   
Healthier Me!!
I gave up soda 5 days ago. It has been so hard,but I know I have to do this to become a better me. I work where you can have unlimited fountain soda all day, 8-10 hours. This is staring me in the face ...
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started by pinkflirt.   
Lets give it a try
I have actually succeeded in the past - for 3 months - I felt really, really good. Hardly any blooating, no morning gassiness, I was doing really, really well. Then a new job, varying hours, stress to ...
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started by karbear45.   
My new year's resolution!
I already planned on doing this for the whole year and so far, so good! I was on just diet soda for the last year or so, but I want to be completely done with even that! To quote my #1 motivator, Tony ...
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started by TpocketT60.