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Posted: 13 Dec 2011, 20:25
So.. This is something I have been doing lately ever since I got my new treadmill and I find it so much easier then just calorie restriction alone! When I just restrict calories I feel very deprived. So this allows me to cheat here and there and still be successful. The key is if I decide to eat more that day.. well, all I have to do is own up to and work our extra that day!! It really does not take that much work. 350o calories equals 1 pound. So if we set a goal to burn 1750 net cals per day at least 6 days a week then that should turn out to be at least 3lbs a week in weight loss! For those of you that are not too familiar Ill go over the details a bit. In order for this to work and to be accurate we MUST track everything we eat and every exercise we do!! and I mean everything. So on a daily basis you must go to you exercise log and account for all of you time for the day! You will be amazed at how much you burn on a daily basis not doing anything other then sitting, a little house work, desk work ect!!! I think for me on a basic lazy day like that I would burn around 3000 calories and that is before I add any real exercise like the treadmill ect!! Anyways, as you go along for the day entering into your logs you can click on "view my diet Calender" and this will show you the stats.. it subtracts your calories eaten from calories burned and then it gives you a Net Calories total for the day. This is the total calories you have burned after subtracting everything you eat.. For me.. after dinner time and I know I am done eating for the day.. I look at my net total calories burned and say I am at 1550.. Well problem solved I just jump on the treadmill for 15 minutes and burn that extra 200 calories to get me to the goal! Now this 1750 goal is just a minimum.. if you want to burn more the more weight you will drop! it really is not hard and I'm excited to see the results! If you need any ideas you are welcome to check out my food diary.. and exercise log.. and you will see that I do have my cheat days but I am still able to make it work! Good luck!!