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Posted: 20 May 2013, 08:20
I caved. . . Saturday I peaked at the scale. I had a dream that I weighed in front of my mom at the end of the month and I weighed 162 and she told me that was fantastic and I said but I gained 13lbs how can that be fantastic? I couldn't stop thinking about that, I know I didn't gain 13lbs, but what did I gain.. . so I stepped on the scale. It is exactly the same as May 1. Since I was fully expecting a gain, I was glad to see that was not the case. On the positive side, I can maintain. First couple of weeks I was still eating pretty high calorie, so all the exercise offset those calories. Now to lose I know I need to cut calories and add in more whole foods. Those will be my goals for the next few weeks, as I won't step on the scale again until the end of this challenge.

I stayed under 1500 calories for Saturday and Sunday! I worked my butt off yesterday, planting and moving flowers and bushes. My yard is all full of pretty colors now! I was glad to come to work today, so I can just sit down, lol. Also got in all my water, since I was working and it was hot out.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!
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Posted: 20 May 2013, 10:31
I almost caved this morning. With vacation coming up and having a bad day yesterday I wanted to check. But, I told myself if I had gained then I'll just be upset, so don't look.

I did horrible with my calories yesterday, but had done well all week, so I'm not going to beat myself up too bad. I'm going to try to stay under 1500 and closer to 1400 or under this week.

I need to drink more water, I get about 60 oz. in, but I need to drink more.

I've been exercising. Yesterday I didn't get a workout in, but I was in my garden working hard. I was also tired and didn't feel well, so the workout got pushed to today.
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Posted: 20 May 2013, 10:41
Your one day of going over calories shouldn't be too bad, you've done really well with your calories. If you read anything about calorie cycling having a spike day is good. I didn't do a specific work out yesterday, but worked my tail off in the yard, so I'm counting that! Today is my rest day and I'm glad for it, my legs and butt feel like I did hundreds of squats yesterday!
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Posted: 20 May 2013, 11:15
I refuse to call it a 'cave', LOL. Scale and I had already scheduled we'd meet halfway through the month as a single 'check in' to determine if increasing daily calories would yeild a gain, loss or same.
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Posted: 20 May 2013, 11:23
Ahh, I do like check in better than cave.
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