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Muscle weighs more than fat :(
It's not like I don't know this, and even though I see my clothes fitting better and I know I'm getting more toned, I'm not seeing the scale move. Frustrating!
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started by summerdix, 5 years ago.   
Mini Challenge for Week 2
The Core Workout mini-challenge is for Week 2. It's now showing up in Week 1 and Week 2. It will however not let me delete Week 1 because it doesn't like me. Thank you!
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started by summerdix, 5 years ago.   
aha, not I need the motivation...need to lose 13 lbs, and would like to look good in shorts, much less a bathing suit :) I hope and wish hard I will find the motivation in this group and in some ...
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started by Crazycats2.   
I bought a snug pair of shorts and a bikini and hung it on the wall to remind myself of where I want to be. Are you doing anything special to motivate yourself?
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Happy in H-Town
:d So excited to start this challenge. I live in Houston, 45 years old, wife and mother. I work full time as an office assistant, so I sit alot. My biggest challenge is getting up from my desk and m ...
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started by anealbabe.   
Today is the day!
I'm so pumped to get this started! Going to the gym tonite after work :)
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started by summerdix, 5 years ago.   
I am not looking to lose weight, but be overall more healthy and a bikini always motivates me. I am wanting to cut back on all my sugar intake and late eating and tone this body up!
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Weekly Weigh-Ins
Let's just weigh ourselves on Monday mornings. Weight can fluctuate so much day to day that I don't want us to get discouraged by yo-yo results. Happy Challenge! :d
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started by summerdix.