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Posted: 17 Feb 2011, 14:25
I had a couple of weeks where I messed up bad, it has taken me about a week to recover. Now I'm back where I left off!!! I'm mostly mad because this messed up my challenge progress. I could easily be 6 lbs lighter right now... I'm happy to be back on track though!

It is more than getting to a healthy weight. Half the battle is sticking to a healthy lifestyle and keeping the weight off! If you get to your goal and let your guard down, you just gain it back. That is what happened to me I think.

Good luck to everyone. Stick to it. Its doable, you know you can do it!

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Posted: 09 Mar 2011, 06:48
Personally I think that the way to be able to not "let the guard down" is to make your diet a healthy one. Do not make distinctions between dieting or after dieting.

Education is the key. Right now I'm half way in my loosing weight phase. But what I did is adapt my traditional receipts (the ones I've eaten my whole life) into healthy ones. How? Measuring quantities, reducing High calories ingredients (like oils) and augmenting (if needed) others to keep the meal with good taste and a good quantity to satisfy your hunger.

Right now I'm eating the same things I always did but adapted to a healthy way. I have a 1000-1400 KCals diet that I will increase to 1600KCal when I get to my desired weight. But nothing will change, so I'm sure I won't gain back the weight I'm loosing now.

I don't want to sound smart-ass like. I just wanted to share. Maybe this experiences can help you too...

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Posted: 10 Mar 2011, 12:37
What you are doing is what I am doing too. However, I reverted to bad habits of eating past full and downing the high calorie stuff. I thought I had the good habits in the bag, but those bad ones crept back up on me. However, I have mostly been maintaining. The motivation to be at a healthy weight isn't there anymore though (since I've achieved one), and so now I really just need to commit to better eating and exercise. Summer is right around the corner. Outside activities are going to help a TON! Thanks for sharing. You are absolutely right!