Mini-Challenge - Substitute eating out with a home cooked meal!



Each week, I want to see everyone physically cook at least three home made meals. There are so many amazing recipes on this website if you have no idea what to make, and a lot of them are really inexpensive, if that might be an issue. Cooking your own food gives you a great indication on what exactly is going into your body. If you want to make THREE home made meals or TWENTY home made meals, that is entirely up to you, but I once you decide and cook your meal of choice, I want you to post the recipe and share! I think sharing something new we've learned will keep everyone on the right track! Let's heat up those burners!

Overall result for everyone:

Week by Week Results

Week 12 75% Successful
Week 11 89% Successful
Week 10 80% Successful
Week 9 88% Successful
Week 8 92% Successful
Week 7 82% Successful
Week 6 86% Successful
Week 5 89% Successful
Week 4 86% Successful
Week 3 88% Successful
Week 2 90% Successful

Latest Results Feedback

Successful: 07 Mar 11 by Kyley619
"Grand Total Part 1: 70.20 Miles Week 1- 17.97 Week 2- 7.25 Week 3- ..."
Successful: 07 Feb 11 by sister_parker
"We do not eat out a lot, so this one was easy."
Failed: 01 Feb 11 by mrsdrm1980
"I have been slacking 100% but I have started back up again. Hopefully this ..."
Successful: 27 Jan 11 by LoganMommy
"I have not eaten out since January 10th- Hooray!"
Failed: 25 Jan 11 by Sassy202
"single girl who works"
Successful: 24 Jan 11 by photorific
"We really don't ever eat out, so there wasn't any substituting needed. ..."
Successful: 24 Jan 11 by Andrea S
"I almost always cook dinners at home. I did make a wonderful turkey chili ..."
Successful: 23 Jan 11 by cassiekc
"Im a single mom with two smalls kids, so I cook everyday. I did eat out ..."
Failed: 21 Jan 11 by nellay
"Two many events in one week..."
Successful: 20 Jan 11 by jcintra
"Everyday I dinner at home. "
Successful: 19 Jan 11 by mrsriggi
"I have actually not eaten out all week!! That is amazing since our sch ..."

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