Mini-Challenge - Submit your before picture!



Submit your favorite LEAST favorite picture of yourself, otherwise known as the "before" picture; this will be a great indication to yourself at the end of the 12 weeks how far you came.

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Week by Week Results

Week 1 73% Successful

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Failed: 17 Jan 11 by twinmom
"No photo I'd like to share at this time."
Successful: 17 Jan 11 by MyGuess
"I just posted my before picture. "
Successful: 17 Jan 11 by Chestnutlass
"I think maybe I puicked "Too nice" of one...It shows how fat I am but I ..."
Successful: 17 Jan 11 by Kyley619
"Not exactly a picture I hate, but one I hope to see a difference on at ..."
Failed: 17 Jan 11 by jettabar99
"still have to do this - i have one taken"
Successful: 17 Jan 11 by denile
"at least I tried to submit.. i think it went through"
Successful: 17 Jan 11 by HopeFaithLove
"its not a full body shot but you can see the weight in my cheeks!"
Failed: 17 Jan 11 by keribarrett
"Couldn't find one on computer that is recent. "
Successful: 17 Jan 11 by jurrabi
"Although I ate a Tortilla-hamburger in a night-out and drunk a lot on ..."
Successful: 17 Jan 11 by jojoribbit
"hope to submit a better one! an in progress one that shows a difference"
Failed: 17 Jan 11 by Stinus
"couldn't find a picture - but did find one of what I want to look like!!"
Successful: 16 Jan 11 by MrBigGame
"Reality is my motivation! "I can't base what I'm going to be off of ..."
Failed: 16 Jan 11 by dannifatso
"I'm afraid to do that."
Successful: 15 Jan 11 by Jennmommi
"Took me long enough to figure out how to do this, I posted my pic a few ..."
Failed: 14 Jan 11 by Antionetta
Successful: 14 Jan 11 by Penag
"good start for the first week!"
Successful: 12 Jan 11 by 1Christine
"Bye bye fatty!"
Failed: 11 Jan 11 by Zippyzap
"Don't want to post a picture, I have them for myself, but not for the ..."

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