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Announcement: Just a little reminder...
I understand not everyone has a "before" photo that they want to share, trust me... sometimes it is easier to pretend like you didn't exist at the size you're at now, but BELIEVE ME when ...
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Last day... See you all around and thanks.
I hope you all continue with your loosing goals and improving your life... See you all around!
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Everything looking good.
I didn't expect this to work so well, but I'm for sure happy about it. I've lost 30 lb in 9 weeks and the best thing is that I don't feel like I'm dieting! I eat all kinds of food, ...
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started by jurrabi, 7 years ago.   
I'm back!!
I had a couple of weeks where I messed up bad, it has taken me about a week to recover. Now I'm back where I left off!!! I'm mostly mad because this messed up my challenge progress. I could easily ...
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WELL I had a baby in may of last year and am looking forward to being back to "normal" before he is one. I know I can do this so....Bring it on :)
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New Challenges?
Are there going to be any new challenges weeks 5-12? I think the eating 3 home cooked meals is a great weekly goal, but let's step it up little by little and increase our committment to losing weight ...
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started by Keeta, 7 years ago.   
Weight Lifting
I'm a newbie when it comes to weight lifting. I am looking for some good exercises for the chest area. Does anyone know of any good ones that I can do using dumbells? Thanks
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Lost almost 20 pounds in 24 days
Well I lost almost 20 pounds in 24 days. I took the 24 day challenge by Advocare. I feel great eat plenty of great food and feel so much better ever day. Want to know more email me at justmorton@gmail ...
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What to seve at a Football party??????
I need some more healthy choices to serve at a football party other than veggie/ fruit tray. I amade a big batch of "Doc's chili" from the biggest loser book and I am serving veggies and ...
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having problems eating all food
Ok, so I made my meal plan for the week and find that I am not hungry come lunch time. than I eat a late lunch because I am hungry then. No evening snack and then eat dinner. So I am totally mixed up. ...
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Everyone has a motivation to be in tip top shape and health. What's yours??
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Calling Jillian and Bob!
:roll: Let the games begin. We need Jillian and Bob to kick our bu**s!
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Watching Football with out the usual snacks
I am really proud of myself today. I have been watching the football games with my sister with out any chips/dip, pizza, wings or beer. I had celery, cherry tomatos and 3T salsa and 2T of FF Ranch to dip ...
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So far so good
Keeping track and knowing in the back of your head that people are watching my progress is really what is helping me get through it. Plus I plan really yummy dinners so it helps me during the day to keep ...
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