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Posted: 11 Feb 2013, 21:36
Well I have to say it I was really a little upset at how Jeff went back on his deal he made with big Mike, you dont make a deal with someone and then resind, that to me was just wrong, I get its a game and they are in it for themselves but he (they) never should've said they would not vote for each other if they never really meant it. Im not sure what to think of Francelina other then maybe she should cut her hair she probably would lose a few pounds just there. Gina come on girl your a fighter you can do it, like Dovette says get out of your head, see how far youve come and keep fighting you go girl. Dani your my girl, your wonderful your team mates were falling around you and you stood up and said thats not going to be me, keep fighting girl you got this, and cheers to you for giving your family visit away that was so amazing it made me cry.
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