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Need this challenge
I need this challenge, and each of you, to help me get back on track.
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Fathead NEW LINK
Long video. Eye openingly shocking, while being amusing too. Worth a watch. [url= here for video[/url]
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started by Rindaloo, 3 years ago.   
Drink water, water, water
We are supposed to drink water. Tea and anything else isn't plain water. It is plain water we are supposed to drink lots of. I have trouble with this, but am trying hard. I just keep forgetting. ...
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started by Rindaloo, 3 years ago.   
Entering Foods on the Atkins Site
I can't see how to do it. It doesn't appear to have a database. Maybe I am doing something wrong???? I am happy using the Fatsecret database (I think it's very user friendly), but it bugs ...
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Psyllium husk? Should you or should you not?
This is the second time I tried using psyllium husk to bulk up on fiber and became derailed. First doing Raw (to go from 20g to 30g) and now on Atkins (preemptive strike). I was losing weight both times ...
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Recording the challenge has me confused. When I tried to record my results for today it erased what I did yesterday. Now I can't find what I did yesterday. I would like to be able to look back and ...
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Started well....
Measured and documented the food.... :) Took my vitamins..... :d Didn't drink enough.... :doubt: Took dogs for a walk and one of them saw a chicken, broke her collar pulling, and ran after it. ...
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witch one are we fallowing here I prefer DANDR hoping that is ok.
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1 serving Grilled Essentials Chicken Breast, 1/4 c pasta sauce, 1/2 oz Provalone cheese, 2 c Romaine lettuce, 1TBS Ranch Dressing, and 5 oz red wine. My morning snak was a Atkins Advantage Sweet & ...
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started by 1Sista, 3 years ago.   
Day one
Todays breakfast was 4 oz Greek yogurt, plain, 70 grs frozen mixed fruit,thawed, and 2 TBS flax meal.
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reporting what I have eaten so far
1 sauage patty and 2 fried eggs for breakfast and drank 16 oz. water took all vit.
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Hi all you fellow challengees!! Glad to have you all on board! Just keep trying to remember the 4 mini challenges and you'll do fine!! Marcia
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Mondays mini Challenges
Well after a very hectic day I have done 3 of the 4 mini challenges today. I did 100% on the measure weigh and track my food. I did well with my food today. I am a little under the total calories then ...
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started by mcmom1962, 3 years ago.   
A question
I have a question for anyone that has been on Atkins for some time, I ate 2 fried eggs, 2 brown n serve sausages and a flax meal muffin for breakfast this morning, my question is; was this a correct b ...
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started by 1Sista, 3 years ago.   
Good Morning
It is good to see fellow Atkin'ers. I hope we can help each other to stay true to the right way of eating.
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started by 1Sista, 3 years ago.