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Announcement: Welcome!
Thanks for joining the challenge! Only 4 days left so get ready! We are going to rock this challenge!! :d
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started by Lisa Kay.   
Thanks y'all!
Thanks to everyone for joining my challenge! I am disappointed in my own loss, but I loved seeing all the great numbers you posted. Let's do it again soon!
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started by Lisa Kay, 6 years ago.   
I will be trying to start up my rebounding again during this challenge as it is good for flushing out your lymphatic system. So, I hope to do good on the water intake. I will try 2 bottles (32oz) when ...
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started by Bird Fancier.   
Bad Water
Well I missed two days last week of meeting my water goal. Last Wednesday they(?) worked on our water lines. The stuff that came out of the tap was really nasty, and none of the snack funds in the b ...
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Blew It
Wow, yesterday was a bad day. I didn't keep track of anything I had to eat. I left my notebook at home. when I updated what I remembered I found I had eaten more calories and carbs than I should ...
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Anyone else Gaiing?
I've gained 3 lbs since starting this challenge. Wondering if anyone else is doing the same? Is it water weight? I am still in ketosis and have pretty much stayed in KCAL zone. Does not make sense ...
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Water Intake
84 ounces of water doesn't seem like a lot when your adding flavored packs to it. I have brought sugar free flavored packs from Great Value and it helps me to meet my daily requirement and even more ...
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Hope I can drink all that water
seems to be the hard part for me... guzzling water. Any Ideas?
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started by pikwik.   
Looking forward to it
Been off track on the whole exercise thing and this challenge will help me get back on the bike so to speak.
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New Atkins Challenge
I'm in. I'm stuck too and have been for a while now, so yay - great idea!
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started by Bella Corazon, 6 years ago.   
This is gonna be FUN!!!
I am in my 2nd week of phase 1 on atkins and in about 4 days when this challenge starts I can safely start exercising. The timing of this couldnt be better for me. I have a few medical issues but I can ...
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started by Angeleyes4u40, 6 years ago.   
Great challenge and my first on the site
Glad I have 5 days to work up to my water goal. Thats a big downfall for me.
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started by Wildfl0wer, 6 years ago.   
Just in time, a chance to make habits
I'm so glad I found this challenge! I'm loving the time periods in between the minis, to allow us to focus and make a habit before adding something new. Whoot Whoot!
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started by URMYLF, 6 years ago.   
A great goal
Hi all, this seems a good idea, and I hope to lose more but if I overface myself it can be discouraging. xx
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started by osteopam, 6 years ago.   
Gotta Get it on the Schedule!
Very timely, since just today I realized how true it is that exercise is crucial to success! Getting it back on the schedule in a place that really works and following through is going to be the trick ...
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started by stekijessica, 6 years ago.