Progress Details - Week 2

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Period ending: 04 Feb 13

Ankka80 Week 2: 1.47 %  (Down 2.2 lb)* Total: 2.94 %  (Down 4.4 lb)
Bingy Week 2: no result. -
Veloturtle Week 2: no result. -

Mini Challenge Results

Clean out & Stock up

Clean out you fridge, pantry, kitchen and office of all unhealthy foods. (ex: Chips, high-sodium soups, processed foods, sweets, sodas, High-fat/sodium frozen meals, etc.) Stock up on healthy foods and snacks from your local grocery store, growers market and/or health food store. (ex: fresh vegetables/fruit, whole grains, good fats oils/nuts/seeds/avocadoes)

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Mini Challenge Results


Try adding 30 mins of exercise that works for you every day (high impact/low impact/medium impact - any will do)

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Progress Summary - Week 2

All Participants 1.49 %  (Down 2.2 lb)*
based on 1 weigh in for week 2