Mini-Challenge - Drink more water and excercise, at least, 30 minutes per day.



Any variation is fine. It does not matter if you do it in the morning, afternoon or evening so long as you get those 100 abs exercises done! If you cannot complete 100 in one shot, break it up. Either take a few seconds break or do them later on in the day. The goal here is to complete all 100 reps in a day in one shot. Once you can complete the 100 exercise ad more reps. Let’s see how many we can do without stopping by the end of this challenge. Post your progress here every week.

Overall result for everyone:

Week by Week Results

Week 12 33% Successful
Week 11 100% Successful
Week 10 100% Successful
Week 9 100% Successful
Week 8 100% Successful
Week 7 100% Successful
Week 6 33% Successful
Week 5 100% Successful
Week 4 77% Successful
Week 3 66% Successful
Week 2 81% Successful
Week 1 85% Successful

Latest Results Feedback

Failed: 16 Apr 13 by SinisterBomber
"muscle strain, can't exercise :("
Failed: 10 Mar 13 by Silver sun
"Have had a horrible cold all week, no exercising and very little eating. "
Successful: 21 Feb 13 by Jesennia Geddes
"I am now doing about 200 ab workout with out stoping yay"
Successful: 11 Feb 13 by mimi914
"Able to complete more than a 100 reps in one shot. Goal in the upcoming ..."
Failed: 04 Feb 13 by dawny77
"Skipped some but I will do better"
Successful: 02 Feb 13 by kimv
"100 situps and 100 crunches w/30lbs. eliptical 10min/1 mile fast walk ..."
Successful: 29 Jan 13 by steedo2012
"60 in a row and then a 15 second break before next 40 :) cant wait util ..."