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  Burn 500 Calories a Day
Burn 500 Calories a day on Elliptical or Gym Equipment. And eat less than 2400 Calories a day.
status: Completed
ended: 20 Jul 17
day 1: Thursday 06 Jul 17
  The Strict Adherence Challenge
Stay below 95% of RDI each day this week. Don't have a RDI? Ask me for a great site. The one on FS yields much too high.
status: Completed
ended: 11 Jul 17
day 1: Tuesday 04 Jul 17
  Midnight Confessions
Truth! Admit your mistakes here. Log your bad habits, cheats and junk calories every day.
status: Completed
ended: 17 Jul 17
day 1: Monday 03 Jul 17
  Over 60 yrs old Challenge - 1lb a week
For those members over sixty years of age who need to lose weight regain health and stamina and enjoyment in life.
status: Completed
ended: 25 Sep 17
day 1: Monday 03 Jul 17
  LCHF 90-day Challenge
Following a low carb/high fat way of life? Then please join this 90-day challenge and let's lose weight together!
status: Completed
ended: 24 Sep 17
day 1: Sunday 02 Jul 17
Create your own goals - I am aiming on healthy eating and losing 1 kg (2 lb) per week. Would love some company!
status: Completed
ended: 18 Sep 17
day 1: Monday 26 Jun 17
  We Are All In This Together no 7
For us all to be able to lose weight , with help & motivation when needed
status: Completed
ended: 18 Sep 17
day 1: Monday 26 Jun 17
  Five Day Fast
Five Days Fasting. Midnight Sunday - Midnight Friday.
status: Completed
ended: 30 Jun 17
day 1: Sunday 25 Jun 17
  Leaving the Labyrinth II
Applying nutrition skills, moving more, & positive affirmations to find a path out of this intricate labyrinth.
status: Completed
ended: 13 Sep 17
day 1: Wednesday 21 Jun 17
  The Stricy Adherence Challenge
For 1 week stay below 95% of your RDI each day. Have no RDI? Ask me for a good site. The one on FS sets much too high.
status: Completed
ended: 27 Jun 17
day 1: Tuesday 20 Jun 17
  OMAD & KETO, 23:1, IF
Using a ketogenic diet, and fasting OMAD,(one meal a day) 23 hr fast, 1hr eat window.
status: Completed
ended: 09 Jul 17
day 1: Monday 19 Jun 17
  12 weeks to your best body
Join me in this challenge I'll try to help everyone by giving knowledge on nutrition and workout science.
status: Completed
ended: 11 Sep 17
day 1: Monday 19 Jun 17
  Carb attack - keep it below 25g per day
To help us lose weight,lets try to keep our carbs on a max of 25g a day!Give the challenge a go and see if it works for you!
status: Completed
ended: 03 Jul 17
day 1: Monday 19 Jun 17
  pound a week
In this group we strive to lose 1 pound every week for 4 weeks through healthy eating.
status: Completed
ended: 14 Jul 17
day 1: Friday 16 Jun 17
Let's start small!You will surely lose a pound or two. Even more if your daily intake of sugar is high! Willpower is the key!
status: Completed
ended: 05 Jul 17
day 1: Thursday 15 Jun 17
  delete the diet sodas
I drink way too much diet soda! I know it's poison and bad for diets too. ugh - help! maybe you can motivate me
status: Completed
ended: 10 Jul 17
day 1: Monday 12 Jun 17
  Fitter Faster
See which team can burn more calories in a week
status: Completed
ended: 19 Jun 17
day 1: Monday 12 Jun 17
  80 10 10 for 4 weeks = how much weight loss?
This will prove that carbs do not make you fat. check my results.. the fat you eat is the fat you wear.....
status: Completed
ended: 10 Jul 17
day 1: Monday 12 Jun 17
  Chezzles Dream Dress Challenge
Dress fitting is coming up and all is not well! I have gained around 35lbs. the weight must go!
status: Completed
ended: 06 Jul 17
day 1: Thursday 08 Jun 17
  Herbalife challenge
2 Herbalife shakes + 1 high protein meal + 2 snacks + 6 - 8 glasses water per day. Message me if you would like to order.
status: Completed
ended: 28 Aug 17
day 1: Monday 05 Jun 17
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