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Posted: 25 Feb 2013, 20:29
This is a great challenge for a wonderful challenging month. I'm going to try limiting "couch" time in the evenings and replace it with random squats or leg lifts (1 minute here & there). At work, will try to keep a full glass of water at my side at all times and find excuses to get up from my desk and walk on an errand. I think my eating is on track. Looking forward!

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Posted: 26 Feb 2013, 20:55
Good Luck!! I am also limiting my couch time and have an awesome water bottle to keep at my desk.

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Posted: 26 Feb 2013, 22:48
Plenty of water will give us plenty of reason to get up and take a walk (to the nearest restroom). Any excuse to move Very Happy

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Posted: 28 Feb 2013, 08:57
@Merry - Absolutely!
Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

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Posted: 12 Mar 2013, 15:47
What works for me is to fill up a one gallon jug every morning and then I am constantly refilling my cup at my desk, with the goal of drinking the entire gallon by the time I leave work. It does require a lot of trips to the bathroom, but you're just peeing that fat our of your body, so it helps me to look at it that way. Good luck guys.