Mini-Challenge - Drink more water, Exercise at least 20 mins a day, Smile



Drink more water, Exercise at least 20 mins a day, Smile

Overall result for everyone:

Week by Week Results

Week 5 57% Successful
Week 4 70% Successful
Week 3 71% Successful
Week 2 64% Successful
Week 1 80% Successful

Latest Results Feedback

Successful: 04 Apr 13 by NicoDay
"I did everything correctly but didn't loose seven pounds..oh well"
Successful: 01 Apr 13 by Kelly Renee
"after all of the bloating and i didnt gain weight, yes i passed"
Failed: 27 Mar 13 by Frazzledtwinmom
"Missed a few days, but smiled a lot!"
Failed: 23 Mar 13 by Alwayspretty
"I drank tons of water and smiled ALOT! Exercise....not so much..... "
Failed: 20 Mar 13 by mollyallen1982
"Been so sick, but this will be easy to conquer next week!"
Successful: 20 Mar 13 by allieree
"now if i would quit bringing sweets into the house, as i don't have co ..."
Successful: 17 Mar 13 by KandyKiddo2003
"<3 my H2O"
Failed: 10 Mar 13 by kimmyjeanmiller
"I was able to get my water in this week but not the exercise right now ..."
Successful: 09 Mar 13 by SinisterBomber
"working hard, these last few pounds have been tough"
Successful: 08 Mar 13 by Walking 2 B Fit
"Was fairly easy this week & loss of weight is so exciting that I am st ..."
Failed: 07 Mar 13 by NRGmike
"I managed to smile, a bit :P "
Successful: 07 Mar 13 by Auerphatty
"Walking 1.2 miles every day! Drinking more water. Stopped drinking roc ..."
Successful: 06 Mar 13 by Dr Turner
"I exercise at least 1 hour per day"
Successful: 06 Mar 13 by tmlassuy
"I have bee drinking 8-10 glasses of water minimum and have exercised at ..."
Successful: 04 Mar 13 by butrfly4lisa
"I exercised 30 minutes every day!! :-) "
Successful: 04 Mar 13 by WerkIt
"Exercise has been a bit unconditional but I'm still moving I guess. "
Successful: 03 Mar 13 by chubbymira
"I wish I could :D"