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March 4th (fourth)
This is a great challenge for a wonderful challenging month. I'm going to try limiting "couch" time in the evenings and replace it with random squats or leg lifts (1 minute here & th ...
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started by Merry Poppins.   
looking for motivation
Hey everyone, I am new to Fatsecret so not really sure how everything works. can someone give me a brief tutorial on challenge protocol? Not really sure how to report progress and such. I sort of need ...
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started by debbiekrystal.   
7 lbs off in March
I am so excited to do this challenge. I need as much support as I can possible get.Good luck to everyone.
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started by maxijan.   
Hello. 7lbs off in March
I am new to the site and this will be my first challenge. I hope to do well. Good luck to all.:d
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started by 101814bride.   
Count me in
I am joining this challenge. Need to drop 40#. I'm having a hard time finding my way around this site. I only have a phone, no computer & that complicates things a bit.
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started by Blabberfingerz.   
Time Difference
I live in Cyprus and the time zone is GMT + 3. It is 3pm now and yet the challenge says it starts in 17 hours time. So, do I just record my food intake for today as normal? I have left other chal ...
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started by Navwoman.   
really scared to get on scale in morning. but have to start somewhere. this is it. get moving.
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started by gardensue, 5 years ago.   
Have to start somewhere...and this is it
I have to get the ball rolling and I believe this challenge will help me. Checking in daily to see how everyone is doing will really help me.:p
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started by wings24, 5 years ago.   
Need Motivation
Hello,everyone. I am new to fatsecrets and I am excited. I just need alot of help and motivation to lose these 30 pounds that I have gained. My weightloss and diet starts on March 1st. I am scared and ...
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started by sugarbear123.   
I'm ready!!
Tomorrow is the day we can do this you guys!!! Good luck!!:d
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started by Mrs BBT, 5 years ago.   
Lets do this!
I really want to stop gaining weight and start losing it! I am going to get 7lbs off in March and try to strive for 7lbs a month in the months to come!
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started by Chels_Marie, 5 years ago.   
How Ironic?
I am stuck with 10 more lbs to lose - saw this challenge and thought what a better way to amp up the down hill slide - the last few are always the hardest, especially when it's compounded with holiday ...
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started by rhondalang.   
out of school and on to life
I have been in nursing school for what seems like forever and have gained so much weight I no longer know where my neck went to. I know that this challenge will be a great jumping off point to getting ...
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started by tmlassuy, 5 years ago.   
excited to start
This is the perfect challenge for me. I am excited to get started. We leave for Florida in 28 days, and I have been trying to get motivated to get back on track. This challenge is perfect timing. ...
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started by dangler, 5 years ago.   
birthcontrol and bad eating habits
Have all caught up to me, I recently been back in the gym for three days now, eating smaller meals and snacking on grapes instead of chips and candy. I hope to be at my goal weight by june!
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started by berriesrus, 5 years ago.