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Posted: 30 Dec 2012, 08:54
For anyone who wants to read this and is new and is just looking for some helpful tips, 1, Don't ever give up. 2, find what works for you (for me it's keeping a very detailed log knowing how many calories carbs etc you need log everything you put in your mouth right down to the exact amount of dressing you put on that salad, don't go above what your recommended intake should be) exercise exercise exercise, get that heart rate up find something that you enjoy doing and sweat, for me it's zumba, I have fun doing it I sweat my butt off and the best part is I'm having so much fun I forget I'm actually burning calories. Add in some weight training at least 3 x a week, if you don't have weights fill up some 1liter bottles with water and start there. 3, do your research look for help and inspiration, fs is the perfect spot for that, you can talk about your own experiences, ask questions and so much more with real people that have been where you are and are going through the same feelings and emotions that you are. 4, join in on challenges and stick to them, hold yourself accountable, be responsible for our actions, we all have our own reasons for wanting to lose weight, wether it be health or just a better life or to loose a few pounds to fit in to your jeans again. Let's do this and do it together for a better way of life.
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Posted: 30 Dec 2012, 12:49
thanks for the great advice. great job to you. keep up the good work. i look forward to the next 3 months to work hard and get to my goal weight of 120-125 by end of march. your advice will come in very handy.thanks again